What we do

Operate Independently

We offer a turnkey regulatory and supervisory platform to allow experienced Investment Bankers and Institutional Placement Agents to operate independently while focusing their efforts on the dynamics most critical to success – deal origination and execution.

Expertise and Responsiveness

We provide our Affiliate Partners with deep regulatory and compliance expertise to meet the ever-changing challenges of the current regulatory environment. We understand that the M&A and Capital raising processes involve precise timing and that Bankers require a compliance partner that is as responsive as they are.

Keep more of what you earn

We enable you to enjoy the rewards and satisfaction of running your own business without the time, expense and aggravation of establishing and operating your own Broker-Dealer while providing industry leading payouts with volume-based discounts.

Regulation and Licensing

We ensure that you will hold the proper licenses and be able to offer your clients the full range of corporate finance and investment banking services. It’s good business!

No matter how you define it, we do it!

  • Broker Dealer Affiliation
  • FINRA Broker Dealer Services
  • Independent Broker Dealer
  • Investment Banking Affiliation
  • Investment Banking FINRA Affiliation
  • FINRA Broker Dealer for Investment Banker
  • FINRA Broker Dealer for Independent Investment Banker
  • FINRA Broker Dealer Services for Private Placement Agents
  • FINRA Broker Dealer Services for Independent Private Placement Agents
  • FINRA Sponsorship for Investment Banker
  • Series 79 Sponsorship
  • Series 82 Sponsorship
  • M&A Sponsorship
  • Regulatory Platform for Investment Banker
  • Independent Private Placement Agents
  • Private Placement Agent Sponsorship
  • FINRA Broker Dealer Services for Investment Bankers
  • FINRA Broker Dealer Services for Private Placement Agents
  • FINRA Exam Series 79 & 82 Sponsorship